Digital access control for smart buildings

Hundreds of companies use Defigo to streamline access management across their buildings, save time on administration, and increase building security.


Make access control to your building easy

Replace keys and access cards with a blazing fast mobile app, and assign access privileges to your customers via the Defigo web portal.


Stay in control of the entries

Enhance the security in your building with real time access management and video verification.


Simplify your building infrastructure


Defigo is on a mission to make digital access control simpler, safer and smarter for people managing, living, and working in residential and commercial buildings.

Access control, made easy

Enjoy security updates, new features and improvements delivered over-the-air, and get complete access to our smart integrations and advanced features of our digital doorbell, apps and web portal.
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Keyless access

The Defigo app lets a user enter any door they have access to, see who is ringing the doorbell via the security camera stream, and let a guest in at the touch of a button.
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High resolution touchscreen intercom

Visitors can easily find the correct doorbell on the dynamic touch screen. Users can see the visitor, talk to them and let them in via the Defigo mobile app.
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Full control of your building

Manage access across buildings and users through a single web-based administration portal.
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Smart integrations for your building

Defigo works with your current access infrastructure and plays nice with other parts of your building, garage doors, elevators, and more.
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Up and running in one, two, three

Our network of local installation partners will take care of the setup. Installing Defigo takes less than two hours (in normal conditions), with no extra cabling required. Now, that’s easy.
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